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Why Lease?
Everyone needs to upgrade their vehicle from time to time. It is always exciting when you first get a car, but what happens after two or three years when you are ready for something different? In most cases, people who purchase a vehicle finance it for five years or more. So in three years, you still have two years left to pay. You take your car to trade it in and find out that you are "upside down." You owe more than the car is worth. This happens all the time.

Here is how leasing is different: When you lease a vehicle, you are only paying for the part of the car you are going to use. So it is like your trade-in value has already been set and that amount is DEDUCTED from the price up front.


So you are not paying for the trade in value of the car… that also means you are not paying FINANCE CHARGES on that amount! In addition, you are typically saving over $1000 in up front sales tax! This means you also have LESS MONEY DUE AT SIGNING!


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