Service Plan Pre 2.1.2016

Lease Date before 2.1.2016

Covington Pike Acceptance Corporation Limited Service Plan Agreement

36 Months or 45,000 Miles (Whichever comes first)


Ball joints, spindle and spindle support, front axles, motor mounts, and transmission mounts. Springs are only covered if broken.

Steering Components

Internally lubricated parts contained within the steering gear box and pump housing, including rack and pinion, steering box and pump housing, if damaged by the failure of internally lubricated parts. Coverage limited to above parts.

Air Conditioning

Compressor, Clutch, Condenser, dryer, accumulator, and evaporator (exclusions: any component failure due to contamination of specified manufactured refrigeration oil, recharged and evac of system). Freon is only covered when the compressor is being replaced.

Cooling System

Electric Fan motor, water pump, fan clutch, thermostats, heater core and radiator.


Labor coverage will be based on current All-Data labor guide and hourly rate


Under your deductible we will pay up to $60 for local tow through a company of our choice (Contact CPAC for assistance). If you have someone else tow your vehicle you will be responsible for the tow bill. Neither Jim Keras Automotive, Keras Car Central nor Covington Pike Acceptance Corporation are liable for any action of the tow company.

Alternate Transportation/Rental Coverage

Neither Covington Pike Acceptance nor Keras Car Central are responsible for alternate transportation while your vehicle is being repaired. However, we may be able to assist you with renting a vehicle if your account is in good standing and your insurance has not lapsed. You will be responsible for all rental car charges.


$100 Deductible Per Individual Repair plus applicable sales tax. Each separate item repaired will have a deductible.

Oil Changes

Your oil change will be performed at a discounted rate of $10.00 Plus Tax every 3500 miles at a facility of our choice. Call to schedule an appointment. However, if I have a perfect pay history (never 1 day late) my oil changes will be performed for FREE!

Non-Covered Items


To provide better savings to our customers, the following items are sold as-is and will not be covered under any circumstances.

Cosmetic Items

Power Seats

Spare Tire & Jack

Power Doors and Locks


Window Tint


Tires and Wheels

Brakes and Brake Components

Light bulbs

Dash Clusters

Cigarette Lighter



Tire pressure monitoring system

Rear Defrost

Door Locks

Check Engine Lights

Instrument Gauges

Body work

Weather Striping

Power Antenna

Key Cylinder



CD/MP3 Players

Cruise Control

Airbags/Air Bag Lights

Interior Lights

Head Liner

Window Seals

Shocks and Struts

Rear AC

All Glass

Gas Gauge

Trunk Locks

Glove Box

Items not Specifically Covered

Back up Camera



Service Plan Claim Procedures

If you have a repair that is covered under this limited service agreement, you will need to call the Covington Pike Acceptance Corporation Warranty Department for authorization BEFORE you take your vehicle to the repair facility. If the Vehicle is inoperable the Warranty Administrator will assist in having your vehicle towed in. When your repairs are completed you will need to pay any applicable deductibles to pick up your car. Please note, that only you or the authorized driver will be allowed to pick up the vehicle. The service plan is only valid at the repair facility we authorize. If you send your vehicle to another shop without authorization, you will be responsible for all debt incurred at the facility.

Cancellation Provisions

1.       In the event of a total loss by the carrier insuring the said vehicle.

2.       In the event the vehicle is repossessed by the lessor.

More Terms and Conditions

1.        Repairs must be made at a shop approved by the CPAC Warranty Department

2.       In order for your vehicle to be covered by a repair shop outside the Mid-south area you must notify your account representative at CPAC prior to taking your vehicle outside the Mid-south area.

3.       Driving your vehicle while it is overheating will void service plan coverage.

4.       Our limited service plan will not cover any damage due to collision, vandalism, neglect, misuse or lack of maintenance.

5.       Authorized service centers reserve the right to use rebuilt, remanufactured, or used parts.

6.       Routine maintenance and normal wear and tear items are not covered.

7.       Any Motor modification for racing or oversized rims will void the entire service plan and no refund will be given.

8.       Neither Keras Car Central nor CPAC will be responsible for any items left in vehicles. Nor vandalism or body damage.

9.       If you choose not to have the vehicle repaired there is a diagnostic fee per issue.

10.    The service plan will terminate when the account is paid in full.

11.    In the event that my vehicle has sustained body damage that has not been repaired coverage may be denied. It is the customers responsibility to maintain insurance at all times.

Customer Acknowledgment

In the interest of safety, I acknowledge that service will be denied if I present my vehicle to the repair facility and it is found to contain any drugs (whether legal or illegal), containers of Alcohol, or weapons of any kind. I also warrant that I will use the appropriate child restraints as required by law at all times.