Keras Car Central Tow Coverage

Lease Date before 2.1.2017


Covington Pike Acceptance Company Towing Coverage


This form entitles you to free local towing for the first 12 months of your lease. Covington Pike Acceptance Corporation will have a local tow service transport your vehicle to one of their approved vendors.

How to have your vehicle towed in:

1.      If it is during the business hours 9-5pm Monday through Friday, you will need to contact Covington Pike Acceptance Company at 901-373-2777 and they will assist you in having your vehicle towed in to the proper repair facility.

2.      If it is after business hours, you will need to contact 901-373-2777. You will need to inform them that you are one of our customers and they will tow your vehicle to Keras Discount Auto Repair only. You will need to contact Covington Pike Acceptance Company the next business day and let them know that your vehicle was towed to Keras Discount Auto Repair Shop.

3.      The term "Local Towing" refers to towing inside the Memphis City Limits and any areas located outside the Memphis City Limits will have an additional charge that will be your responsibility. Covington Pike Acceptance company will pay the tow service provider up to $60 per towing occurrence. If there is an additional charge due to the tow service you will need to pay the charges before you will be allowed to pick up your rental car.

4.      Under no circumstances are you to pay the tow service for any additional fee at the time the car is being towed. The tow service provider has been informed that they will need to turn in an invoice the next day to Covington Pike Acceptance Company. Therefore, you will pay Covington Pike Acceptance Company any additional money due for the towing of your vehicle.

5.      The only tow company that we will pay to tow your vehicle is Culp and Sons. We have used Culp and Sons over the past few years and have been pleased with their service to us and our customers. If you use a tow company other than Culp and Sons, you will be 100% responsible for the entire tow bill.

6.      Covington Pike Acceptance Company reserves the right to terminate this tow service agreement at anytime and/or without notice.

7.      This is a good will service that is being given to you by Covington Pike Acceptance Company and Keras Car Central has no cash value and cannot be used by anyone else. In addition, this service is only good for the vehicle listed above.

8.      I have read and understand the policies listed above and release Covington Pike Acceptance Company and any other company doing business under the Jim Keras Automotive Group name of any liability due to the towing of my vehicle.

In the interest of safety, I further acknowledge that service will be denied if I present my vehicle to the repair facility and it is found to contain any drugs (whether legal or illegal), containers of alcohol, or weapons of any kind. I also warrant that I will use appropriate child restraints as required by law at all times.