How Bad Credit Happens

HOW CAR CREDIT GOES BAD… and how we keep this from happening to you!


At Keras Car Central, we have designed a unique program based on three decades of experience helping Midsouth residents with their transportation needs. We see the daily issues our customers face and we knew there had to be a BETTER WAY to help! Our FIVE STAR program addresses issues that could make our valued relationship with our customers fail.


We provide a FREE FIVE STAR WARRANTY that will cover your engine and transmission for THREE FULL YEARS or 45,000 MILES, whichever comes first. No one else can provide you with this valuable coverage. You can rest assured that our relationship will not fail because of an expensive repair that will cost you thousands of dollars! We also offer a LOW COST OPTIONAL service plan that will cover other types of mechanical problems. Our service plan has the most coverage for the lowest price of any dealer in the country! THREE FULL YEARS of protection for just $499! No one else can come close to that!

At KERAS DISCOUNT AUTO REPAIR we offer a FULL SERVICE REPAIR FACILITY with highly trained certified technicians that are dedicated solely to keeping our customers vehicles repaired. Our mechanics are well trained and have many years of experience. We offer quality auto repair and maintenance for your vehicle. You will receive courteous service and be treated like the valuable customer that you are! Our staff is trained to address your mechanical issues in a timely manner. They are not there to "UPSELL WORK" to you… just to get your car repaired and back on the road AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

What about keeping your car maintained? How many times have you gone to a repair facility to get something simple like an oil change just to have someone tell you that your car needs hundreds of dollars of work? At Keras Discount Auto Repair we will notify you of any safety issues that may need to be addressed. Other than that, we perform the work that you want done. We are not here to convince you to spend more money getting work done on your car. If you just need an oil change that is what we will do. OH! And by the way, OIL CHANGES ARE FREE when you take our OPTIONAL LOW COST SERVICE PLAN and keep a perfect pay history!

At Keras Car Central we know that insurance can often be a hassle and unaffordable. At Keras Car Central we have a LICENSED INSURANCE AGENT IN HOUSE! This gives us the ability to shop for the best coverage at the very best rates from a variety of carriers. You get personalized service and attention! With our EASY ONE STOP SHOPPING you can make your insurance payment at the same location with your car payment! Establish a good relationship with your agent and we can review your policy with carriers in our market every SIX MONTHS to find LOWER RATES! All you need is TIMELY PAYMENTS and a GOOD DRIVING RECORD!


So you have a "fender-bender" but you can still drive your car. Of course you have your insurance, but what about the deductible? Who has $500 laying around to cover an unexpected event like a car wreck? At Keras Car Central we are there to help. We don't want you driving around in a Keras Car Central vehicle with body damage! We want you to be proud of your ride and happy to get it in and drive! If you do not have available funds to cover your deductible we will fix your car and make arrangements for affordable pay back of deductibles. NO FEES OR INTEREST CHARGED!

When you lease a car from Keras Car Central we will help you review all your expenses and compare them to your monthly income. We want to be certain that you will find your lease payment and insurance premiums to be affordable and fit your budget in a way that is easily manageable for you. We take the time to sit down with you and review your monthly budget. We make certain that your lease payment and insurance payment are set up to suit your budget!

Everyone has a preferred method of paying their bills. Some people like paying online, others like to call in with a debit or credit card. Many people now prefer to set up an automatic withdrawal on their checking account. Some folks like to sit down at the table and write out their bills. There are also many folks that like the good old fashioned way of making payments in person with a face to face interaction with a friendly customer service representatives. Whatever your preference, we have a way to offer you convenience and professional customer service.

How many times have you called a company that you are doing business with just to get a recording? Or maybe you get a live person on the line but they are who knows where and they do not understand your issues? When you lease a car with Keras Car Central you will get your own PERSONAL ACCOUNT MANAGER at Covington Pike Acceptance Corporation. You will meet your Account Manager face to face. You will have a direct phone number for easy personalized contact. Our Account Managers have anywhere from six to thirteen years of experience helping OUR CUSTOMERS! You don't have to worry about getting a new person on the phone that doesn't know how to help you. This person will be there to help assist you with any needs that may arise. They will help you through everything from car repairs, wrecks, alternate transportation or payment scheduling! Where else will you get personalized service like that!

So how does that sound so far? You may be asking, "What is the catch?"

So here is what we expect from you.

And that's it. When you do these three things you can rest assured that you will have a reliable and attractive vehicle at a very affordable payment that you can depend on.



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